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Dental Decay in Fairfield

Fairfield Best Dentist
Fairfield Best Dentist

The best thing you can hear at your six month dental exam is that you have no cavities. And since they’re the result of dental decay, the more you know about the causes, symptoms, and prevention of it, the better the chances are that you will be able to avoid them. We at Henry C. Rapp III, DMD & Associates, LLC are committed to keeping your teeth whole, strong, and healthy.

Dental decay is caused by dental plaque, the filmy bacteria that erodes tooth enamel. The more time that plaque remains on your teeth, the more it has an opportunity to do its dirty work. When plaque doesn’t get removed by brushing and flossing, such as when it hides away in gum pockets, it then hardens into tartar, which no amount of at-home oral hygiene can eliminate. The most obvious symptom of dental decay is a cavity, as detected by our Fairfield best dentist during your routine examination. As for cavities, the most obvious symptom of one is a toothache, though you could also experience a loose filling, sensitivity to pressure, bad breath, an unpleasant taste in your mouth, spots on your teeth, or discomfort when having hot or cold foods and drinks. If any of those indications make themselves known, be sure to see our Fairfield best dentist promptly. For prevention, eat a nutritious diet and limit your consumption of sugar, which is a catalyst for the formation of plaque. Brush first thing when you wake up. Also, brush and floss before you go to bed at night. And don’t forget to see our Fairfield best dentist two times per year for a complete examination and a teeth cleaning.

Dental decay and cavities are not inevitable. With the right strategy, they can be infrequent. Contact our office and let us arrange a time for you to come in for your exam and cleaning with our Fairfield best dentist.

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